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In St Michael’s we endeavour to create a well-functioning, stimulating, happy and safe environment which promotes the dignity and individuality of every pupil, including those with special educational needs, enabling them to reach their full potential.  We aim to educate the whole child in a Christian atmosphere in partnership with parents/guardians, Board of Management and the wider community. 


A dedicated and caring staff aim to provide the best quality education for the children in their care.

The school caters not only Church of Ireland pupils, but children of other denominations are welcome if there are vacancies.  Pupils are given a basic Christian teaching and are encouraged to be tolerant of others beliefs.  Our school is not a fee paying school but parents are asked to contribute a little towards the cost of heating and cleaning each term.

Our classrooms are well equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers for each child in each class.  We have a resource room and reading room or library which the children visit twice a week.

We take part in the Active School Flag, Discovery Primary Science, Green School Flag and Cork Discovery Heritage Project. We also have visiting speakers which include authors, Community Guard etc and enjoy many educational outings including theatres, library, outdoor pursuits, educational centres etc.  There is an annual book fair, school fair, sports day and nativity play.

Each Friday the Rector or Curate takes assembly in St Michael’s Church next door.

Our Ethos

St Michael’s Church of Ireland School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected irrespective of sex, social background, family circumstances, educational achievements, physical characteristics or intellectual functioning.  Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging, they are treated fairly and their spiritual, moral and religious development is encouraged as is their intellectual, social and academic development.

It is a community where moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, justice, fairness, sensitivity to others and civic responsibility are nurtured and protected. These qualities are based on Christian teaching as supported by the church.

Our school is part of the local church community and has strong links with the parish. In this respect pupils attend a weekly service in the parish church and on special occasions. A school nativity play is held in the church each December.

The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious differences.  The admission policy of St Michael’s school allows those of other faiths or none to become pupils.

Religious education occupies a central position in the school curriculum and is regarded as a core subject, generally speaking all pupils in the school attended classes in religious education. The teaching of religious education is restricted to specific times in the school timetable.  The school uses the curriculum as laid down by the Church of Ireland.  All pupils attend classes in religious education.

The school nurtures freedom of thought and a personal relationship with God.  This is reflected in teaching of religious education and in the prayer life of the school community.












The foundation stone for St. Michael's Church of Ireland Church was laid on the 29th September  1826.  The church was designed by George Pain of London, the same architect who designed Blackrock Castle.


Buried in the churchyard of St. Michael's 1875 is George Boole, the famous professor of mathematics.  His work led to the miracle of the modern day electronic calculator and is regarded as the founder of the field of Computer Science.


St. Michael's was originally a Church Education School.  Its registers date to 1866.  In 1875 the school held 17 pupils in the charge of Miss Mary Healy.  She was succeeded by Mrs. E. Coath who was the head teacher for almost half a century!


In 1900 when the school still functioned under the National Board of Education there were 40 children on the roll.  Then in 1961, St. Michael's National Church of Ireland School was opened in the building where the school now stands.


In 2009 work commenced on the new extension and renovation of the school building and the new St. Michael's was officially opened on the 4th March 2011.

Our History
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