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Book Review - Tell Me No Lies

Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman

I found Tell Me No Lies a very good book . It teaches you about how blackmailing someone is not a very nice thing to do. The author of the book is Malorie Blackman. I find that she is a very good writer. In the book , a girl called Gemma finds that she is practically invisible to her family and her classmates. Her mom went away when she was younger and ever since her dad and her older brother have been ignoring her . Her dad and her brother are always fighting but she would rather fight with them then be ignored by them .

A new guy called Mike moves to Gemma’s school and suddenly everyone loves him. Gemma feels very angry because of this. Because of Gemma’s jealousy she is determined to find something out about Mike that would put an end to his sudden fame .Gemma finds that Mikes mum is in prison for killing his dad , but little does she know that that’s not the whole story. Gemma decides to blackmail Mike. She threatens to tell everyone about his mum if he doesn’t do what she says . She forces him to do things like give her money, which he has to steal from his grandparents, and she forces him to buy her expensive clothing.

One day Gemma sees a jumper in a shop window she wants and forces Mike to get it for her . He tells her he doesn’t have the money for it but Gemma tells him to steal it .The shop assistant catches him and calls the police.Gemma suddenly feels extremely guilty for everything she has done. She tries to make it up to him but he’s not having it. I find that I was extremely shocked at the plot twist in the book . I strongly recommend the book.

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