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Healthy Lunchbox

Here at St.Michael's we have a "healthy eating" policy which is available on the school website. It is important to try to instill healthy eating habits from an early age and here are some tips to help you create a healthy lunch box for our kids!

Ideas for creating a healthy, varied and interesting lunch box

Include a wide variety of foods - starchy foods, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

Try to offer different foods every day.

Vary the types of bread e.g pitta breads, wraps, granary bread, wholewheat bread, bagels etc - handy to keep a stock in the freezer.

Cook extra rice, pasta, or cous cous in the evenings and these can be added to lunch boxes cold with some vegetables or can make for interesting salads.

Fluids are important for children, water and milk are best.

Get kids involved with choosing and making their lunch, let them choose a colourful lunch box and drink bottle which they can decorate with stickers etc.

Children often need to see and taste new foods several times before they accept them so try out new ideas before including them in their lunchboxes.

We would love to hear other parents ideas for healthy lunches -please email any ideas to us !!

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