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Junior Room Trip to Fota

We went to Fota by bus. The weather was dry and sunny. We had a snack when we arrived, then the tour guide told us facts about the meerkats. We then moved on to the cheetahs, Pom and Claude. They are really fast and clever. Pom Pom's got his name because he has a fluffy tail at the end. We saw ostriches and a few big ostrich eggs. We walked past a wallaby who was wondering around and then we came too close and he ran away. We passed the giraffes next and there was a baby boy giraffe. We saw a red panda but he was really high up in the tree. Then we saw some onyx. An onyx is a type of buck. We saw lots of other things like lions, tigers, monkeys, gibbons and ducks and geese. We ate our lunch at some picnic benches.

My favourite thing was when the cheetahs got their chicken snack. Claude got the head and Pom Pom got the last bit. Everybody had lots and lots of fun. We then we came back to school on the bus and we got to eat the rest of the snack on the bus. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of things about the animals. Everyone was really good.


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