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START Competition 2018

The START (School Teaching Awareness of Randomised Trials) Competition is a competition to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day on 20th May each year.

This year the 6th class is running a trial on how you can improve your memory by using various techniques. The 4th class is our clinical trial group and we are experimenting on quickly they can learn a poem by using a memory technique. We are using a 40 line poem, The Children's Hour by Longfellow, as the base of the memory test.

We split 4th class into 3 groups, two test groups and one control group, to see which method works the best. Test Group.1. is using videos of the poems on You Tube to help them visually and auditory. Test Group.2. putting their poem to a pop song that they like to see if that can help them learn the poem quicker. The Control Group is learning the poem the traditional way of learning it off by heart.

Once the trial is finished we will update you on the results.

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