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My name is Lucy and I am in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral Choir along with Roisin and Suan. We practice every Monday and Friday, but on a Sunday we do a rehearsal and then a service.

Recently our director of music, Peter Stobart, took the whole choir to Wales to sing in St. Davids Cathedral. When we first got there after the amazing ferry, we went to a place called Bunk Barns. It was owned by a really nice couple and the rooms were lovely. Roisin, Suan and I shared a room with five other girls we all know well.

In the morning we got up early for breakfast. They had made a huge breakfast buffet for us all and it was delicious. Then we all got on our coach and drove to St. Davids. The Cathedral was lovely, it had lovely stained glass windows and really nice choir stalls. We were given a tour of St. Davids and it was actually quite interesting! After the tour we went for lunch at a really nice restaurant and we got some lovely food. After that we went to do a treasure hunt around the town. We had lots of fun! The next day we went to the beach and then the following day was spent at the park! It was probably the most fun I ever had!

The next day we went to St. Davids and sang two services! And then sadly it was time to go home. But I think we can all agree it was the best trip of our lives!

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