3rd and 4th class did the Marine Explorers project this year. We went to the Lifetime lab and we discovered lots of interesting facts about sea-life. We found out about water pollution too. Soriah who is Marine Biologist came to our school twice to visit us and to teac...

On Wednesday the 12th of March 2019 we had a Science Fair and it was alot of fun.   Pupils in the senior room each did a little  project,  we could work individually or in pairs. My project partner was Jenny and we did 'Will it float?' Other project were volcanoes, cok...

September 27, 2018

We learned about an artist called Henri Matisse. He was French. He is dead now.He liked bright colours. He started painting when he was a child when he was sick and bored in bed. His mum gave him paints and said 'here do this and stop complaining' so he did and he got...

September 27, 2018

Yesterday our school had a visit from Anthony Garvey. He is a public speaker and a writer.

It was a lot of fun. He was really funny and also interesting. He gave a speech that he came second with in a world wide competition. It was about his life. Then we did some pract...

Yesterday was a really interesting day!! Everyone in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th  class  walked down to Blackrock Castle at 9:00 from St.Micheals.N.S.It is not too far and took about 20 minutes.

We tried to design a street light that had a cover on the top so you can see t...

We went to High School Musical at Ashton.  We went on a red bus and it took about 10 minutes.  We were so excited when we got there.  Another school came on a double decker bus so the bus driver said that if we were really good during the play he will try and swap the...

The middle room made fruit and veg out of clay. We started by getting a piece of clay and moulding and shaping it into fruit and veg. We made strawberries, brocolli, carrots and much more, then we let it to dry.

When the clay was dry and nice and hard we got the pa...

December 20, 2017

Hi my name is Lukas. I will tell you about Christmas in Germany.

St Nicholas Day

On the night of 6th of December Nicholas (der Nikolaus) visits boys and girls in Germany. If you want Nicholas to visit you, you must clean your boots or shoes and leave them beside your fro...

Kevin from the Middle Room came and told us all about the crib he does in his house which is an old Italian tradition.  Kevin and his mom, Carolina, wrote this very interesting blog together!

Once upon a time there was no Babbo Natale (Christmas’ father or Santa as you...

Yesterday we went to the Cork Pops.  We had a good day.  The whole third class were singing at the back of the bus.  There was a DJ at the Cork Pops.  It was cool because there was loads of Disney songs from Moana, Beauty and the Beast and the Jungle Book.   On the way...

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