Today we went baking in the old schoolhouse.  We first squished butter with our fingers into the flour.  Then we put in a little water.  Then we put our hands in the bowl and squished everything together.  Then it was like playdough.  Then we rolled it out.  We cut out...

We went to Fitzgerald Park on our school tour.  We played in the park.  We went on a walk. We saw the pond and looked at the river.  We ate our lunch.  We went on a bus. I had lots of fun.

I love going to the Rockies for Gaelic Football.  In Gaelic you are allowed to touch the ball with your hands and that is different to soccer where you are not. I love playing matches and being on a team with my friends.  The coach is from St. Michael's Football Club....

January 30, 2019

We had so much fun in Blackrock Castle Observatory. We were learning all about space in Aistear and we got to visit the planetarium and learn even more about the planets. We also did some fun experiments with marble runs and we even got to paint using magnets. What a g...

In Aistear this week we  are at the vets. In our socio-dramatic area we have a veterinary clinic set up with children bandaging and performing operations on toy animals. In our construction area we had children building a veterinary hospital with blocks and bricks. We...

Suan and Liam (4th) interviewed Gloria and Juno about the Junior room  trip to the theatre this morning .They had been to see 'Rudolf saved Christmas'.

'I really liked the play because it was very funny and we were all laughing and it was called 'Rudolf saves Christmas'


Three ladies from Infant Research Centre came in and they taught us all about computers.  We did an experiment about rockets, we made noises to sound like rain with bubblewrap and made the computer robot go to lots of places on the map.  We had different colour pieces...

The Lord Mayor asked us how old his gold necklace is and I got it right.  It was 130 years old!  He gave us flags and crayons to colour them in with.  The Lord Mayor's name is Councillor Tony Fitzgerald.

October 10, 2017

Today we went to Alec's house to visit his hens.  We saw where the hens live, we learned about what they like to eat and we even got to feed them!  What a great trip!!

September 20, 2017

Aistear is the new early childhood curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland which we are introducing this year in St. Michaels for our infant classes.

As early childhood marks the beginning of children’s lifelong learning journeys, this frame...

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