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Staff and Classrooms

We have 11 members of staff at St. Michael's​. 

Mainstream Class Teachers​​​

  • Laura McSweeney: Assistant Principal  (Oak Room)

  • Josie Bowden                                             ( Willow Room)

  • Annemarie O'Donovan                            (Chestnut Room)

  • Giselle Campbell                                       (Rowan Room)

  • Special Education Teacher

    • Alison Quill : Principal 

  • Special Class Teacher​

    • Claire O'Neill: Deputy Principal (Hazel Room)

    • Special Needs Assistants

      • Nikki Dalton​

      • Marina Swift

      • Catherine Lenihan-O'Brien

      • Tracey Nolan

  • Secretary

    • Audrey Forde​

Each of our classrooms are named after a tree.

Oak Room                                  Junior & Senior Infants

Willow Room                             1st & 2nd Class

Chestnut Room                         3rd & 4th Class

Rowan Room                             5th & 6th Class

Hazel Room                               Autism Class​

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