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A very convincing argument whether 'HOMEWORK SHOULD BE BANNED IN SCHOOLS'.

Good morning boys & girls I will discuss three reasons why homework is a waste of time.

Reason.1. - It's a Waste of Time

We’re in school for 5 hours 40 minutes every week day we do math, English, science, history, geography and Irish then at 2:10 we go home and do more work when I could be relaxing, playing and talking with my friends and family. Also homework takes a lot of time - almost 1 hour.

Reason.2. - Homework is Tiring

You finish school and you're so tired and then you remember that homework has to be done. You,re so tired that even thinking about homework is tiring - so - thinking and doing homework is extremely exhausting and takes time like reason 1.

Reason.3. - You Don't Learn from Homework

We go to school to learn and then we go home with homework. We don’t really learn anything new from homework we’re just doing the work we did in school that day again.

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