Christmas in Germany

Hi my name is Lukas. I will tell you about Christmas in Germany. St Nicholas Day On the night of 6th of December Nicholas (der Nikolaus) visits boys and girls in Germany. If you want Nicholas to visit you, you must clean your boots or shoes and leave them beside your front door. I usually leave my boots because they are bigger than my shoes. He brings sweets and treats and small presents. If you have not been good or have not cleaned your boots you will not get a treat, and some people even get a small stick. Luckily this has never happened to me! Christmas Trees The tradition of Christmas trees started in Germany. In Germany you put your Christmas tree up a few days before Christmas and you

Gesù Bambino and the Presepio

Kevin from the Middle Room came and told us all about the crib he does in his house which is an old Italian tradition. Kevin and his mom, Carolina, wrote this very interesting blog together! Once upon a time there was no Babbo Natale (Christmas’ father or Santa as you call him) in Italy, but Gesù Bambino (Baby Jesus)… he was the one in charge of bringing presents to children and parents, too. He would arrive on the 24th night at midnight and everyone would find their presents in the morning, nearby the presepio or presepe (nativity scene) or, more recently, nearby the Albero di Natale(Christmas tree). Gesù Bambino made sense for all of us… in fact we were celebrating his birthday and we kne

Noel * eTwinning

TODAY we received a 'grande suprise' in the post from our eTwinnig partners in Carquefou, France. They sent us handmade Christmas cards with information about themselves. As our project together was about sharing the games we play they also sent us a football in the French colours and a game called pétanque. We will be playing the game outside after second break. We were so excited to receive the package. We made a notice board with the photograph of their class and the information they sent to us. Last week we sent them two hurleys to their school and a st Finbarres choir Christmas CD. I think they will be excited to receive these also. Football is a game both school play however hurling

Rudolph Saves Christmas

Suan and Liam (4th) interviewed Gloria and Juno about the Junior room trip to the theatre this morning .They had been to see 'Rudolf saved Christmas'. 'I really liked the play because it was very funny and we were all laughing and it was called 'Rudolf saves Christmas' Juno 'The bit I liked the most was the bus and the stage and I liked it when Rudolf was a really good guy' Gloria

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