St. Michael's Church and Schoolhouse

This is our church. We are so lucky to have our church next door. We got to church every Friday. Sometimes we do our own assemblies. Sometimes we have our nativity in church too!!! This is our old schoolhouse. The boys and girls of St. Michael's used to go to school here a long time ago. Now we have a new building. We still have lessons in the old schoolhouse.

How Beans Grow

On Wednesday 1st February 3rd and 4th class looked at how beans grow. We did it like this: Plant the beans. We could choose from streamline runner bean ,french runner bean and butterbean. Then we will observe it a few times over the next few weeks and write down what changed. We had a lot of fun planting! When we started we wrote ”being planted” on our sheets. Now we are going to be watching the plant for a few weeks. Before we planted the beans we looked at videos about how beans grow. We also looked at the parts of a bean and what all the parts of the bean is called.

Book Review - Tell Me No Lies

Tell Me No Lies by Malorie Blackman I found Tell Me No Lies a very good book . It teaches you about how blackmailing someone is not a very nice thing to do. The author of the book is Malorie Blackman. I find that she is a very good writer. In the book , a girl called Gemma finds that she is practically invisible to her family and her classmates. Her mom went away when she was younger and ever since her dad and her older brother have been ignoring her . Her dad and her brother are always fighting but she would rather fight with them then be ignored by them . A new guy called Mike moves to Gemma’s school and suddenly everyone loves him. Gemma feels very angry because of this. Because of Gemma

Mars Workshop @ Blackrock Observatory

On the 8th of February 3rd and 4th went to Blackrock observatory for a Mars workshop. We only go to school around the corner but we went to the observatory with 2 big taxis because the weather was bad. We looked around the castle and then we did experiments about asteroids. We dropped rocks and more stuff in boxes of sand and observed the 'craters' that we made. We did a game where we saved the planet. We also threw asteroids on the earth with a simulator. We looked at Mars in a program called stelarium and we explored the castle. This was (In my opinion) the best school trip EVER.

A Short Story

NEWS FLASH! TODAY BREAKING NEWS GIRL SAVED BY FIREMAN WHEN NEARLY BURNT TO DEATH! Today at 12:30 noon, a girl aged 7 nearly died! She was lucky that a certain fireman was near at the time. Lexi is a average school girl who goes to school and gets good grades. So when this near tragedy happened no one had expected it. It was a normal day for Lexi when she arrived home from school. She did her homework and was watching some tv with her family when suddenly a big flame came from the kitchen [police suspect a gas leak but are waiting to confirm it for sure]. The family immediately left the house [none of them had any serious injuries],except for Lexi, who instead of evacuating, the now bigger fi

School Soccer

School soccer is a great idea because it is a perfect way to pass the time. It is on every Monday. It is fun for a person who likes soccer like me. Of course, I go there every Monday with my friends. I recommend it for other schools because lots of pupils will like it.

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