Henri Matisse

We learned about an artist called Henri Matisse. He was French. He is dead now.He liked bright colours. He started painting when he was a child when he was sick and bored in bed. His mum gave him paints and said 'here do this and stop complaining' so he did and he got really good at it from practising. One of his paintings was called The Red Room and another one was called Woman in a Purple Coat but there are loads more too. Actually there is one called Woman in a Hat. In college he learned to be a lawyer but he decided to be an artist instead. I looked up about him on google too for more details.He liked to make collages too so in school we did collages like Henri Matisse basically very co

Anthony Garvey

Yesterday our school had a visit from Anthony Garvey. He is a public speaker and a writer. It was a lot of fun. He was really funny and also interesting. He gave a speech that he came second with in a world wide competition. It was about his life. Then we did some practice debating. We had to make our points clearly and argue back to the opposition. There were six judges and two teams.Team two won the debate. Everybody had a great time. He is beginning to become a famous author. Sometimes you have to try a lot of times to write a story that will be popular. He has written a series called Gravespeakers -there are 4 books so far. Anthony read some parts of the books for us. They were exciting

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