Hassle Castle - Engineering Week

Over the past few weeks we have all been building cardboard houses. My group was Suan, me and Liam. We called it The Hassle Castle because we were going to make it a castle, but, it would have been too much of a hassle to make a castle - so we made a mansion! It is painted on the outside, with two of the sides blue and the back is purple. We did not get time do the front done but we did paint the roof pink! After we painted it, we also did some designs on the roof. We made some furniture like chairs, dog beds and other things! We chose some really nice fabric for the carpet all over the mansion. We made the front open up so you could see in by opening a door! It was alot of fun making our

Toadstool Manor - Engineering Week

The brief was to create a miniature house (to scale). The first limitation was that we only had cardboard and other junk. If you want to sleep in this house, you will be sleeping in the world’s largest cheerios box. When you wake up in your four pster bed, which is in a mezzanine The first thing that you will see is a amazing view out of a giant glass pane . The giant glass panel is at the front of the front of the house and so no lights will be needed. After admiring the view, you have to climb down a ladder (why a ladder, because it is easier to make) and now you are in the living quarters. Under the mezzanine is the sitting room where you can watch tv while you are sitting on a comfy cha

Food Dudes

We are starting the Food Dudes programme this week at school. This programme, developed by The Food and Activity Research Unit at Bangor University Wales, encourages children to eat more fruit and vegetables in school and at home. There are two phases involved in the programme. The first phase involves children tasting different fruit and vegetables in school whilst watching a Food Dudes dvd. The second phase extends the home element by encouraging children to bring their own fruit and vegetables to school in special Food Dudes containers. Classroom stickers, rewards and certificates are given upon reaching goals.

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