Small Schools Soccer Tournament

On Saturday (20 May) we played in a soccer tournament. There was two different teams for St.Michael's; a senior and junior team. The senior team played on the astroturf while we played on the grass. The first team we played where very good so we lost 10 nil. The next team we played we lost 8 nil and before the last game our coach gave us cookies. The last game we thought we would win but they scored some goals and we lost 4 goals to 2. We all had a great time playing in the tournament.

Senior Room Tour

Today we went on the Senior Room Tour to the Titanic Experience in Cobh and the Cuskinny Adventure Centre.....It was so MUCH FUN and really really MESSY!!! See all the great photos we took.

Crawford Gallery

Today we went to the Crawford Gallery and Fitzgerald Park. We travelled there by bus because it was too far to walk in our 'Walking Bus'. At the Crawford Gallery we did drawings of art from our imagination and of the art in the gallery. Before that we went to the Roman Statues. Some of them were carved really nicely. We also watched a movie on jellyfish in the Crawford Gallery and saw some really cool stained glass. At the end we went to Fitzgerald Park we played in the playground and had our lunch and then we came home.

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