Today we went baking

Today we went baking in the old schoolhouse. We first squished butter with our fingers into the flour. Then we put in a little water. Then we put our hands in the bowl and squished everything together. Then it was like playdough. Then we rolled it out. We cut out round shapes and put them into pie cups. We put in apple, raspberries, blackberries, sugar and honey. We made a lid out of another cut out circle. We used the left over dough to make the first letter of our name and put it on our lid. Then we put on eggwash. Then we baked them. Then we ate them. They were yuumy!!!

Our School Tour

We went to Fitzgerald Park on our school tour. We played in the park. We went on a walk. We saw the pond and looked at the river. We ate our lunch. We went on a bus. I had lots of fun.

Marine Explorers

3rd and 4th class did the Marine Explorers project this year. We went to the Lifetime lab and we discovered lots of interesting facts about sea-life. We found out about water pollution too. Soriah who is Marine Biologist came to our school twice to visit us and to teach us more. At the end of the whole project every group had to present their project and we all got a Marine Explorers certificate. We liked making the junk art sea-creatures and discovering ways to protect the ocean. I hope we can do this project again next year.

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