Rowing Blitz

Our school learned rowing with Ellen in Blackrock. We used rowing machines which is actually a lot tougher than it looks. It was challenging but enjoyable. We got really fit in a short time (6 weeks). The first day we had sore muscles. Then we participated in a rowing blitz in Neptune. I ,Lucy, was on the school media team with Suan so I interviewed people about rowing. The actual competition on the blitz day was seriously tough but we did really well. Felix had the fastest time overall. Overall we all enjoyed the rowing a lot and would love to do it again. In Neptune we also did workshops about water safety and learned what to do if we see someone in trouble in the water.

Science Week 2017

Science Week was a fun filled learning experience again this year. Each class participated in a special activity. The Junior Room were visited by Infant Research Ireland and learned all about coding and rockets. The Middle Room had Mr. Reidy conduct some fun experiments with measuring and gravity. The Senior Room visited Blackrock Castle where they attended a workshop learning all about Air and its properties and they also visited UCC where they took part in a Food Science Workshop. We can't wait for next year but in the mean time we will carry on learning all about the wonderful world of science and doing experiments.

Fun with Coding.

Three ladies from Infant Research Centre came in and they taught us all about computers. We did an experiment about rockets, we made noises to sound like rain with bubblewrap and made the computer robot go to lots of places on the map. We had different colour pieces and we had to try and work out how it makes the robot move. The experiment with the rocket was my favourite part.

The Cork Pops

Yesterday we went to the Cork Pops. We had a good day. The whole third class were singing at the back of the bus. There was a DJ at the Cork Pops. It was cool because there was loads of Disney songs from Moana, Beauty and the Beast and the Jungle Book. On the way back at the back of the bus we were all playing games and singing. Nikki took some pictures of us and we all had a good time.

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