BCO Workshop - Technology Week

Yesterday was a really interesting day!! Everyone in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th class walked down to Blackrock Castle at 9:00 from St.Micheals.N.S.It is not too far and took about 20 minutes. We tried to design a street light that had a cover on the top so you can see the “Dark Sky”. We worked in groups to get more ideas for the design and then we tested it out.Street lights that are not well designed cause light pollution. We also looked into space with “Stellarium”which was amazing. We looked at the sky in the future. We learned alot about space and pollution, we also learned about Blackrock Castle and that pirates invaded Ireland. We got a good view of the telescope that is used to see into

High School Musical

We went to High School Musical at Ashton. We went on a red bus and it took about 10 minutes. We were so excited when we got there. Another school came on a double decker bus so the bus driver said that if we were really good during the play he will try and swap the bus so we can go home on the double decker! There was a black carpet at the entrance of the hall and we did some poses on it. There was a DJ as well. After a while a teacher from Ashton came on stage to welcome us all. Then they started the play and the singing and dancing was really good. They were like real cheerleaders, they even got thrown up in the air and did a pyramid and the basketball players did really good tricks!


My name is Lucy and I am in St. Fin Barre's Cathedral Choir along with Roisin and Suan. We practice every Monday and Friday, but on a Sunday we do a rehearsal and then a service. Recently our director of music, Peter Stobart, took the whole choir to Wales to sing in St. Davids Cathedral. When we first got there after the amazing ferry, we went to a place called Bunk Barns. It was owned by a really nice couple and the rooms were lovely. Roisin, Suan and I shared a room with five other girls we all know well. In the morning we got up early for breakfast. They had made a huge breakfast buffet for us all and it was delicious. Then we all got on our coach and drove to St. Davids. The Cathedral w

Fruit and Veg Made of Clay - Food Dudes

The middle room made fruit and veg out of clay. We started by getting a piece of clay and moulding and shaping it into fruit and veg. We made strawberries, brocolli, carrots and much more, then we let it to dry. When the clay was dry and nice and hard we got the paint, and painted the lovely fruit and veg. It was really fun because it was really cool to see them after they were painted. After we painted the fruit and veg we got fancy plates and put the fruit and veg on them Now they are displayed in the middle room.

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