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Irish Tips for Parents

For the children in our school Irish is a second (and sometimes 3rd ,4th or 5th language!!!). We would encourage to take every opportunity to use whatever little bit of Gaeilge that you may have with your children. Encourage them to use the phrases they have learned in school if they use them at home. The more they can hear Gaeilge used in everyday conversation the more it will grow on their ear.

Useful sites if you wish to help your child with Gaeilge or even improve your own Gaeilge.

Language tips for parents This is a free online course designed by a primary school teacher for parents or anyone who would like to help children learn Irish. The course is self paced and you can click in and out of the 10 lessons in your own time. This a new free English-Irish Dictionary and is available free of charge. It is a contemporary dictionary which covers both general language use and terminology. This website will give you some simple words and phrases to link in with what your child is learning in school. This is an online dictionary that will translate Irish to English or English to Irish. This is a collection of podcasts which you can download and listen on your computer, tablet or smartphone. All lessons are self paced and designed to fit around your schedule.

www.lé This site has some ebooks which you can listen to and/or read with your child. They range from picture books to stories to poems.

Cúla4 ar TG4 This site provides programmes and games that will support language skills in Irish. Your child will benefit greatily form listening to spoken Irish regularly at home & they will enjoy the programmes on Cúla 4. If you're not confident in Irish, click on the 'English@ button to translate the site.

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